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Drivers forced to own up to not having licences

  • Published at 10:22 pm August 2nd, 2018
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Police file a case against drivers without paperwork at the students' urging at the Science Laboratory intersection in Dhaka on Thursday, August 2, 2018 Mehedi Hasan/Dhaka Tribune

Drivers of motorized vehicles, mostly motorbikes, sent by students checking licences to confess to police that they did not have proper documentation for themselves or the vehicles they were driving

The idea of drivers going to the police to admit they do not have a licence might sound absurd, but this did happen near the Dhaka College intersection. 

Several drivers of motorized vehicles, mostly motorbikes, were sent by students checking licences, to confess to police that they did not have proper documentation for themselves or the vehicles they were driving.

The Dhaka Tribune came across this around 2pm on Thursday, while covering the protests of students seeking justice for the two students killed in Sunday's Airport Road bus accident. 

Besieging a police box near Labaid Hospital in Dhanmondi area, students were seen collecting keys from drivers who could not produce a licence or relevant documentation for their vehicles.

As of 2pm, at least 80 drivers were made to submit their keys and vehicles to the students, and were sent to the nearby police box in Science Laboratory intersection to have a case filed against them.

This correspondent spoke to some of the students there, who said the drivers were willingly submitting their vehicles and keys and having a case filed with the police.  

"Since morning, some 80 people submitted their keys to us, and then recovered them after showing us proper documentation," one of the students, preferring anonymity, said. 

In this case, the students were preserving the vehicle registration numbers and exchanging their contact numbers with the drivers in order to ensure that the correct keys were returned to the respective drivers.

However, no police official was available for comment regarding the development.