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Father throws out daughters for protesting abuse

  • Published at 03:55 pm May 7th, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:32 pm July 1st, 2018
Father throws out daughters for protesting abuse
Allegations have been raised against a father for threatening to take the lives of his three daughters after they protested against him abusing their mother. The daughters filed a General Diary (GD) against their father in Chawkbazar police station on May 5. The matter was confirmed by the Officer-in-charge (OC) of Chawkbazar police station Shamim-ur-Rashid Talukder. According to GD statements, the daughters live with their parents in a five-storied building in Joynagh road of Chawkbazar in the city. Their father used to physically and mentally abuse their mother at various times. On January 16, their mother suffered a brain stroke as a result of prolonged torture. When the daughters protested against the act, their father threatened to beat them as well, and stop financing their education. The statements also mention that the girls were thrown out of their house by their father and relatives at around 4pm on May 5. On the same day they filed a GD in the Chawkbazar police station. One of the girls claimed that not only had their father been abusing their mother since childhood, he had also squandered their wealth in drugs and gambling. "Our only property is the building we are currently living in,"she said. "One of the flats belong to us, and the rest are occupied by my relatives. Our only source of income is the rent we get from one of the other flats. Our father does not work. He still regularly abuses drugs. He even made our youngest sister get drugs for him." Whenever they protested, their father responded by threatening to throw them out of the house, she claimed. After the GD was filed, the OC escorted the girls back home and advised them to settle the matter domestically. "We called their father,"said OC Shamim. "We told him that as a parent, it is his responsibility to support his daughters financially and in other ways. However, he claimed that he was unable to do so." Shamim added: "He also denied allegations of torture that were raised against him. According to him, he only chastised his daughters because they would not look after their disabled mother properly." Talking about the father's drug addiction, Shamim further said: "He used to abuse drugs and gamble in the past. But we could not confirm whether he still continues doing them." The OC informed that considering the domestic aspect of the issue, he had counseled the daughters to settle it by discussing with their relatives. Currently the three daughters are staying with their parents. However, their relatives have been acting hostile towards them ever since they filed the GD. Among the three girls, the eldest one is a 12th-grader in Bir Shrestha Nur Md School and College, the middle one studies in 8th-grade of Viqarunnisa Noon School and the youngest daughter is a 6th-grader.