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Showdown at Kakrail mosque quelled after police deployment

  • Published at 06:12 pm April 28th, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:11 pm April 28th, 2018
Showdown at Kakrail mosque quelled after police deployment
Another round of conflict took place at Kakrail mosque on Saturday between the supporters of Indian Tabligh Jamaat leader Maulana Muhammad Saad Al Kandhalvi and their opponents. As the situation escalated, police had to be deployed and the fighting parties were evicted from the mosque by the law enforcement, HM Azimul Haque, additional commissioner of police (Ramna Zone), said. He said the police will take steps to mediate the matter by making both parties sit down for a peaceful dialogue. According to Zunayed Siddique, who is aligned with the Tabligh Jamaat, their opposition apparently occupied the mosque with the assistance of Qawmi madrasah students.
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There have been reports of attacks on Kandhalvi’s supporters, reports UNB. Saad Kandhalvi is one of the major leaders of Tabligh Jamaat, which is the largest organization of Sunni Muslims in the subcontinent. Last year, Saad made several remarks which angered his peers, particularly among the Bangladesh chapter, which led to thousands protesting against his attendance in the Bishwa Ijtema this year. Hefazat-e-Islam is one of Kandhalvi’s biggest opposition in Bangladesh over his comments about the Sunnah and the Quran and his declaration of the being the sole head of the Tabligh Jamaat body. During the previous altercation, the home minister had to personally intervene to resolve the situation before it escalated further.