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Watch: DNCC in action against Dhaka’s mosquito menace

  • Published at 02:41 PM March 07, 2018
  • Last updated at 04:02 PM March 07, 2018
Watch: DNCC in action against Dhaka’s mosquito menace
Fogger to left of her, fogger to right of her, sprays of pesticide smog the air, as the machines drone and hum. With black shades Aleya stood resolute, on a Nissan pickup she stood absolute. Against mosquitoes she stood, stood the DNCC panel mayorDNCC

The Dhaka North City Corporation’s forays against mosquitoes have lately been made public on social media

The sudden and tremendous increase in Dhaka’s mosquito population has been very grave lately. So grave is the mosquito menace that it held up an entire flight at Shahjalal Int’l Airport in late February.

The airport incident was embarrassing enough for city authorities to even introduce a hotline to call for pest control teams.

The Dhaka North City Corporation’s forays against mosquitoes have lately been made public on social media.

Although the campaigns have been very public, it remains to be seen how effectively the mosquito menace has been curbed DNCC

The DNCC posted photos and videos of their anti-mosquito crash programs (crush mosquitoes?) to their Facebook page.

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DNCC Panel Mayor Aleya Sarwar Daisy led a pest control team from the bed of a Nissan pickup truck. The panel mayor, who is renowned for her hands-on approach to urban challenges – like coordinating the women entrepreneur-exclusive DNCC holiday market, was at the helm unwavering and unflinching, as the DNCC staff sprayed pesticide to her left and right.

The video has been circulated widely on Facebook. The reception has ranged from derisive to grateful in over barely a day.

Some Facebook users have likened the DNCC motorcade to an armoured cavalry attack against the IS in Syria. Others have called out how Panel Mayor Aleya led the charge like a boss (rightfully so, how often do we see civil servants tackle civic problems from the field?). But there have been a number of concerned comments, mostly about her not wearing a mask so close to the pesticide sprays.

Mosquito-borne diseases like chikungunya, malaria, zika, and dengue are nothing but bad vibes. Last year’s widespread chikungunya breakout is still fresh in the memories of the patients. People are strongly advised to clean out their houses, empty any containers which could retain water and serve as breeding grounds for the bloodsuckers. Use of mosquito preventive measures, like nets, mosquito repellent sprays and creams, are also recommended.

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