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When a calculator is not worth it

  • Published at 10:36 pm February 7th, 2018
  • Last updated at 12:15 pm February 8th, 2018
When a calculator is not worth it
It is common courtesy to return someone’s possessions after borrowing them. However, some Chhatra League activists of Dhaka University (DU) appear to believe this does not apply to them, as one student learned the hard way. Ehsan Rafiq, a second year student at the disaster management and science department of DU, lent his calculator to Chhatra League Salimullah Muslim Hall unit Assistant Secretary Omar Faruk about three months ago. When Ehsan finally went to Omar on Tuesday, after having repeatedly asked for the calculator to be returned, all he got were several beatings. “Omar, from the marketing department, borrowed my calculator around three months ago. On Tuesday night, when I asked him to return it, he refused and threatened me with dire consequences,” Ehsan told the Dhaka Tribune. Ehsan managed to leave the scene unscathed and still without his calculator, but his safety was not assured. “The hall unit Vice President Tanim, Omar, Joint Genreal Secretary Anim Irtija Shovon and Abu Taher later called me into the TV room and snatched my phone, accusing me of being a Shibir activist. They did not find any evidence of this on my Facebook profile, but they still insisted on calling me a Shibir member and attacked me,” Ehsan added. That was only the beginning of Ehsan’s ordeal. Chhatra League Salimullah Muslim Hall unit President Tahsan Ahmed Rasel then summoned Ehsan as well as the other Chhatra League activists to the hall grounds. Once there, Ehsan claimed Tahsan indirectly told his followers to beat him once more. Heeding their instructions, Chhatra League activists Omar, Ruhul Amin, Samiul Islam Sami, Ahsan Ullah, and Deputy Secretary Mehedi Hasan Himel mercilessly beat Ehsan with metal rods and sticks till he lost consciousness. Subsequently, the attackers took the victim to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for treatment and told duty doctors that he had “an accident.” When Ehsan returned to the dorms at 4:30am on Wednesday, Tahsan and his cohorts confined him to Room 16 for eight hours, beating and threatening him yet again, in an attempt to stop the incident from coming to light. Ehsan fled the hall at 2:00 pm on Wednesday afternoon. When contacted, hall unit President Tahsan admitted that Ehsan had been beaten and said the Chhatra League activists involved in the assault had been evicted.