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Graffiti around DU campus spooks passersby

  • Published at 02:45 pm December 19th, 2017
  • Last updated at 11:08 pm December 25th, 2017
Graffiti around DU campus spooks passersby
The graffiti on the walls are nothing new to those who regularly visit the Dhaka University campus, be it for academic, employment or other purposes. However, two peculiar writings on the wall, which can be seen around the university campus, have generated shock and raised eyebrows. The graffiti found on a wall of the Faculty of Arts Dean’s Office read: “Lashta ei thikanai pouchhe diyen, 10/e/3 Modhubag, opekkhai achhe ma,” which roughly translates to “Bring the dead body to 10/e/3 Modhubag, mother is waiting.” Another writing on a nearby wall read: “Lasher vaar bohon korte parbi to?,” which roughly translates to “Will you be able to bear the weight of the dead body?” However, one question remains on the mind of the curious, who does the address belongs to?   Writings

Another writing on the wall | Bangla Tribune

After some digging around, this correspondent found that the address belongs to former Dhaka University student Walid Ashraf, who observed a 14-day hunger strike demanding that Dhaka University’s Central Student Union (Ducsu) election be held by December 16 this year. Confirming the matter, Walid Ashraf said: “The address featured in the writing on the wall is mine. Those who supported me in my demonstration for Ducsu election wrote it.” Commenting on the peculiar wall writings, Abdullah al Galib, who is a Sociology Department student of the university, said: “These wall writings clearly prove how much freedom the university grants us. “It is really disappointing that we have to hold serious demonstrations like hunger strikes to achieve our demands from the university administration,” he added. Commenting on the matter, DU Proctor AKM Golam Rabbani said: “A certain quarter is writing these types of controversial texts on the walls, with aims to destabilise the university. This was surely the work of a political organisation. “However, it could have been done by those who are affiliated with the movement for Ducsu election,” he added. This article was first published on Bangla Tribune