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Watch: Expatriate confronts biker for driving on a footpath

  • Published at 08:27 pm November 29th, 2017

In an age when motorbikes are considered to be the fastest medium of transport in Bangladesh, thanks to illegally driving on footpath, one onlooker decided to point out the flaw in the system. However, this onlooker was an onlooker in a broader sense: an expatriate not accustomed to the breaking of Bangladeshi laws. A video of a foreigner confronting a biker on a bike on a footpath of Gulshan 1 was posted in the Facebook group Traffic Alert couple of hours ago. In the video the expatriate is seen telling the biker:“What does the law say? The law says you should drive there (pointing to the road)” He later goes on freeing the way for the biker to get on the road. Clearly, the biker was taken aback just like the man who found the scene musing enough to get it recorded.