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State-run Agrani Bank recruitment test questions leaked

  • Published at 06:32 pm May 19th, 2017
  • Last updated at 06:34 pm May 19th, 2017
State-run Agrani Bank recruitment test questions leaked

Agrani Bank_Leaked handwritten question paperFollowing allegations that questions were leaked, the second phase of the recruitment test for position of senior officer at Agrani Bank  has been postponed.

The second phase was scheduled to start at 3:30pm on Friday, and the first phase was held between 10am and 11am. Agrani Bank_leaked handwritten question paper_Math-Afternoon “The recruitment test…has been postponed due to unavoidable circumstances,” said Abu Taleb, chairman of Dhaka University's Banking and Insurance Department, responsible for controlling the test. “Given the huge number of candidates, the bank authorities decided to hold the test in two phases. Over 200,000 candidates were supposed to appear in the exam over the two phases,” he added. Agrani Bank_Leaked hadwritten question paper_Afternoon-English The allegations surfaced on Thursday night, with many of the candidates claiming to have seen both printed and handwritten versions of the question and answer scripts before the test started. Some of the “leaked” questions were also seen floating on Facebook. Noyon Mahadi, a candidate who took part in the first phase, told the Dhaka Tribune: “It is very frustrating for those of us who are desperately seeking jobs. The authorities must identify those involved in the leak and bring them to book." Earlier, similar allegations were raised during Janata Bank’s recruitment test for its executive officer position, which was held on April 21.