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1.5km of Padma Bridge now visible as another span installed

  • Published at 01:33 pm April 10th, 2019
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Span 3A is being installed at Mawa end of the Padma Bridge on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 Dhaka Tribune

On March 22, the eighth span of the Padma Bridge was installed at Zajira point

Around 1.5km of the Padma Bridge is now visible after another of the bridge's spans has been installed at Mawa point. 

Span 3A, was installed on the 13th and 14th pillars on the Mawa end of the bridge, around 12:50pm on Wednesday. 

Previously, a temporary span had been installed on the fourth and fifth pillars at the Mawa end of the bridge.

Assistant Engineer of the Padma Bridge Project, Humayun Kabir, confirmed the matter to Dhaka Tribune. 

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Earlier around 8am, the span—150 metres long and weighing about 3,140 tons—was brought to Mawa point from the Kumarbhog construction yard. 

On March 22, the eighth span, 6D, of the Padma Bridge—at Zajira point—was installed on the 34th and 35th pillars of the bridge. 

With the temporary span at Mawa point, 1,350 metres of the Padma Bridge were visible after the installment of the eighth span at Zajira point. 

A total of 41 spans—each 150 metres long—will be placed on the 42 pillars of the 6.15km bridge.