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Seventh span of Padma Bridge to be installed in Jan

  • Published at 12:24 pm January 7th, 2019
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File photo of Padma Bridge which is under construction since December 7, 2014 Dhaka Tribune

The 6.15km-long bridge will have 41 spans, each of 150m

Another span of the Padma Bridge is due to be installed this month. The installation of span 6F is scheduled for 15 January. 

Engineers of the Padma Bridge Project confirmed the news to the Dhaka Tribune.

SSpan 6F has been painted and is ready to  be installed on pillars No 36 and 37.

Ahsan Ullah Majumder, assistant engineer of the main bridge, said: "The installation of span 6F is scheduled for January 15. We are making arrangements adhering to this deadline. However, the date may change depending on various issues. We will transport the span, by floating crane, to the pillars. Therefore the Padma river is being dredged so that the crane can travel unhindered."

Five spans of the Padma Bridge have been permanently installed at the Jajira point; while one span has been temporarily installed at the Mawa point. After span 6F is installed at the Jajira point, a total 900 meters of the bridge will be visible from Jajira point.

Assistant Engineer Ahsan Ullah Majumder said: "Three of the spans have been fully-ready. One-and-a-half months after span 6F is installed, another span will be installed."

Construction work on the country's longest bridge started in December in 2015. The 6.15km-long bridge will have 41 spans, each of 150m.

According to the engineers concerned, a total of 41 spans will be installed on 42 concrete pillars.