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Khadem murder suspect arrested despite changing appearance

  • Published at 06:47 pm July 9th, 2019
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Hanif’s body was found in a bag at the premises of Azimpur mosque

A caretaker of a Dhaka mosque has been arrested in Chittagong in connection with the murder of his co-worker. 

Police said murder suspect Saiful Islam, 38, went into hiding after the murder of Hanif Sheikh on July 2 at a newly-built mosque in Azimpur, Dhaka. 

In an effort to evade arrest, prime suspect Saiful Islam apparently changed his appearance by shaving off his long beard, but was captured by police in Chittagong’s Agrabad area on Tuesday.   

During preliminary interrogation, Saiful admitted to killing 30-year-old Hanif Sheikh, chief care taker (khadem) of Mayor Mohammad Hanif Jame Masjid, said Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI).

In his confessional statement, Saiful said he stabbed Hanif Sheikh to death due to a conflict of interest in the affairs of the newly-constructed Azimpur Mosque in the capital, said PBI chief, Banaj Kumar Majumder, in a press meet at PBI headquarters on Tuesday.

“He had made initial plans to bury Hanif's body in an old grave site at Azimpur Graveyard, but that was unsuccessful,” Banaj said. 

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Following the murder, Saiful cleaned the crime scene and put Hanif’s body into a garbage disposal bag leaving it in the mosque premises for burial.

Saiful Islam and another cleaning employee were appointed after the mosque was inaugurated on November 4, 2018. 

However, the mosque management committee was not satisfied with Saiful’s performance. 

Consequently, Hanif Sheikh was appointed as the chief care taker during last Ramadan. 

According to police, Saiful performed Asr prayers at the mosque soon after the murder was carried out, and then returned to his room to work out a plan to move the body and bury it, rather secretly. 

Failing to carry out his intended plans, Saiful fled to Noakhali. Shortly after, he moved to Chittagong and took shelter in his aunt’s house in Agrabad neighbourhood.

“Saiful shaved his long black beard in a bid to escape arrest, but a PBI team was able to track him down, leading to his capture,” Banaj concluded.