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College teacher held for human trafficking

  • Published at 11:56 pm August 20th, 2018
Human trafficking
The arrestee, Mohammad Asem, 35, is a teacher of the Business department at Tejgaon College Collected

CID said his family had been engaged in trafficking for a long time

The Organized Crime Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has arrested a college teacher for his alleged connection with human trafficking.

The arrestee, Mohammad Asem, 35, is a teacher of the Business department at Tejgaon College.

CID’s Organized Crime Unit Special Police Superintendent Molla Nazrul confirmed the matter during a press briefing on Monday, and said that Asem had been arrested from the Karwan Bazar area Sunday night. 

He also said that Asem is the godfather of a human trafficking circle in Malaysia. His father Anwar Hossain once lived in Malaysia, where now his brother Mohammad Khobayet lives. 

Asem had been establishing communication with the international human trafficking group for his father and brother staying in Malaysian. Asem has been involved in human trafficking since 2010, he added. 

Family of a victim filed a case against the gang including Asem. Later, an investigation revealed information about Asem and his family. Family members of Asem are all involved in this gang, he said.

SP Mollah Nazrul also claimed that Asem and his younger brother Javed Mustafa initially recruited agents in different parts of Bangladesh to create a trafficking network across the country. They lured people with the promise of a good job and salary in Malaysia.

People were then sent to Thailand through Myanmar on boats. They were then held in Thailand for ransom, he added.

He said whoever were able to meet the demands were then sent to Malaysia. Those unable fulfil the terms were then killed off.

Asem used many bank accounts, including accounts of his family members, for the collection of the ransom. The family, in this way made a lot of money, the SP said. 

Process to take legal actions against Asem is underway, the official added.