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'Shaktimaan's killers were sent by the UPDF'

  • Published at 10:50 pm May 4th, 2018
'Shaktimaan's killers were sent by the UPDF'
The Chittagong Hill Tracts-based political party Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS) (MN Larma) has accused the United People's Democratic Front (UPDF) of orchestrating the murder of Naniarchar Upazila Chairman Shaktimaan Chakma. In a press statement issued on Thursday night, the party accused UPDF President Prasit Bikash Khisha, General Secretary Rabi Shankar Chakma, Ananda Prakash Chakma and Ranjan Mani (Adi) of plotting the murder. JSS (MN Larma) Vice President and Naniarchar Upazila Chairman Shaktimaan was shot dead by assailants outside of his office on Thursday morning. His JSS identified UPDF member Lakkoch Chakma as the assailant. The statement, signed by the party's Publicity Secretary Shudhakar Tripura, said the UPDF leaders ordered the killing of JSS leaders. “Ranjan Moni Chakma is the company commander of UPDF. He instructed various units over mobile phone to carry out these killings. After getting the order, Lakkoch Chakma, nickname Babu Chakma, party name Arpan Chakma (collector) along with an assistant came on a motorcycle and shot Advocate Shaktimaan Chakma from close quarters to ensure his death before running away,” the statement said.
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The party claimed that UPDF was directly responsible for the heinous crime and protested the act, demanding immediate legal action against those involved. PCJSS central Assistant Secretary Prashanta Chakma said that the UPDF has always been against the peace treaty in the hills and the JSS is in support of it. “If the peace treaty becomes successful they will have no standing in the hills. That is why they have been killing our leaders and members. They do not want peace to ever prevail in the hills,” he said. UPDF spokesperson Niron Chakma dismissed the allegations. “These are false and made-up allegations. The UPDF has no involvement with this murder,” he said. “The allegations of JSS have no basis in reality. It is impossible for an outsider to infiltrate the area where Shaktimaan lived and run away after murdering him. So I think this is some sort of internal clash or done by a third party,” he added. BLAST protests Shaktimaan's murder The rights group Bangladesh Legal Aid ans Services Trust (BLAST) has condemned the murder of their Rangamati unit Honorary Member Shaktimaan Chakma. In a statement issued to the media on Friday, the organization said: “Advocate Shaktimaan Chakma was an alumnus of Dhaka University law department. He was involved in the politics of Chattagram for many years and was dedicated in maintaining communal harmony in the region,” the statement read. “BLAST expresses grave concerns in this incident and calls for the proper investigation of the murder, bringing the perpetrators under justice and ensuring the security of his family,” it read.
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