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3 yaba addicts murder friend for money

  • Published at 04:30 pm February 26th, 2018
3 yaba addicts murder friend for money
Three yaba addicts – Abdullah Azad Moon, Abdullah Al Mamun and Rashedul Islam Zidane – have been convicted of murdering their friend, Sarder Suja Ahmed, 32, on December 2 last year. After two months, Abdullah Azad Moon gave a confessional statement in front of a court and admitted to the crime. Among the three, Moon and Mamun are intermediate students at Govt Bangla College and Dhaka Commerce College, respectively, and Zidane an honours student at Green University. The three childhood friends planned and murdered Suja inside his flat in Mirpur’s Senpara with hopes of stealing money from him. Senior Assistant Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police's Detective Branch Shahadat Hossain said: "The three killed their friend because of their yaba addiction. They thought they would be able to steal his [Suja’s] credit card and obtain a huge sum of money. They later stole Suja's motorcycle and iPhone after being unable to find said money." He continued: "We identified the three killers after obtaining CCTV footage. Moon was arrested after his identity was confirmed. He gave the details of the murder during police interrogation and in his confession to the court. However, Zidane and Mamun are still in hiding." Shahadat added that they were conducting operations to find the other two killers. [caption id="attachment_249217" align="aligncenter" width="792"] Abdullah Azad Moon tied Suja's legs with his belt on the night of the murder while his other friend strangled the victim Bangla Tribune[/caption]

How the murder was committed

According to police, Suja used to work as a supply executive for a buying house in Banani. He used to reside in a flat in Senpara of Mirpur. He used to take yaba with Moon, Mamun and Zidane. On the evening of December 2, all four of them went to Suja's flat to take yaba. According to their plan, the three murdered Suja – Moon tied his legs with a belt, Zidane tied his hands with a towel and Mamun strangled him to death. After confirming Suja's death, the three fled the scene and took Suja's motorcycle and mobile phone. [caption id="attachment_249218" align="aligncenter" width="792"] Abdullah Al Mamun strangled Suja to death on December 2, 2017 Bangla Tribune[/caption]

How the killers fled the scene

After murdering Suja around 8pm, Zidane and Mamun walked down the staircase and Moon went downstairs on the elevator to take Suja’s motorcycle. At this time, the apartment’s security guard, Abu Taher, tried to stop Moon from taking the bike. Meanwhile, a roommate of Suja's also tried to stop them. The killers told them that Suja asked them to take the vehicle, and they quickly fled when the security guard opened the gate to let a car in. The next day, the three went to Zidane and Mamun’s village in Pabna. Later, all three of them fled to Cox's Bazar leaving the motorcycle at Zidane's house. Next, Zidane took a job at a factory in Bandarban, and Moon left for Rajshahi leaving Mamun back in Pabna. Moon was later arrested from his cousin's house in Rajshahi, where he had been hiding. [caption id="attachment_249219" align="aligncenter" width="792"] Rashedul Islam Zidane tied Suja's hands with a towel while his other friend strangled the victim to death Bangla Tribune[/caption]

The way Moon was caught by police

Police sources said, two days after Suja was murdered, his elder brother Zakir Ahmed filed a murder case with Kafrul police station. The case was transferred to Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Branch in Pallabi. The detectives found out the identity of the three killers after analyzing the CCTV footage and interrogating the security guard and Suja's roommate. Using information technology, the detectives traced Moon in Rajshahi and arrested him.

Two killers are still in hiding

Senior Assistant Commissioner Shahadat Hossain said: "Zidane and Mamun are changing their locations very frequently, which is why it is becoming difficult to find them. "However, we will soon arrest them," added Shahadat, "after that, we will be able to file a charge sheet to the court." This article was first published on banglatribune.com