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PBI find no evidence of police gouging Shahjalal’s eyes out

  • Published at 12:51 pm January 17th, 2018
  • Last updated at 12:15 am January 18th, 2018
PBI find no evidence of police gouging Shahjalal’s eyes out
The Police Bureau of Investigation has reported that it found no evidence of police gouging a man’s eyes out after an investigation into the allegations. The probe was initiated after the mother of Shahjalal – whose eyes were allegedly gouged out – filed a case accusing Khalishpur police station Officer-in-Charge Nasim Khan and several other members of police. In the probe report, PBI claimed to have been unable to identify anyone involved in the brutal assault on Shahjalal. The probe report says police were not involved in gouging out his eyes and it failed to identify who is responsible.
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PBI Khulna Inspector Bablur Rahman Khan submitted the probe report to a Khulna Metropolitan Sessions Court. PBI took over the case on September 24. The court will hear the case on February 15. Shahjalal’s father Jakir Hossain rejected the probe report, calling it “irresponsible, biased, and careless.” He said: “My son’s eyes were gouged out when he was in police custody. His testimony is very specific about it. If the police are innocent, then who ripped out my son’s eyes? What exactly did PBI investigate? Their job was to identify the people responsible, and they claim they have no idea who did it, but they have all the evidence that says police were not involved.” Mominul Islam, the lawyer representing the plaintiff, said he will file a no confidence petition when hearing resumes. The PBI case officer noted that he has spoken to 35 people, including the victim, plaintiff, two people in police custody on the night of the event, among several others. He also reviewed the police station and Khalishpur Clinic CCTV footage, general diary, prisoner registry and other documents pertinent to the case. The probe report concluded that no evidence has been found to support the allegation that OC Nasim Khan was involved in torturing Shahjalal. Likewise no evidence has been found against ASI Rasel, SI Taposh, SI Selim, SI Mizan, SI Nur Islam, SI Syed Shaheb Ali, Constable Al Mamun, Nayek Rezaul Hoque, Lance Nayek Abul Hashem, Ansar trooper Afsar, Suma Akhter, and Md Russell – the others named in the case.
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The report says the victim Shahjalal, alias Shah Jamal alias Shah, was caught red-handed during an attempt to mug Suma Akhter in Goalkhali, Khalishpur on the night of July 18, 2017. He was set upon by a mob. During the mob’s attack on him, both of his eyes were permanently ruined, a crime under Sections 143/323//326 under the Penal Code. But the investigation has not found who is responsible for the brutality. According to the case filed by Shajalal’s mother, Shahjala was picked up by the police on the night of July 18 when he went out to buy milk for his daughter. When his family went to the police station, OC Nasim demanded Tk1.5 lakh to release him. Shahjalal’s family failed to meet the demand, resulting in the police taking Shahjalal out for a ride. He was found the next day at Khulna Medical College Hospital with both his eyes gouged out. In his statement, Shahjalal said the police had taken him to a secluded place near the highway to kill him. But in a devious turn of events, the police officers gagged him and used a screw driver to gouge out his eyes. Shahjalal’s mother Renu Begum filed a case with the Khulna Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court on September 7, accusing members of several law enforcement agencies. On January 6, Shahjalal’s family called a press conference and said the police were pressuring them to withdraw the case and offering Tk7 lakh in compensation. Because they refused to settle, the police were threatening them with further violence.