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Golden bums, now female, caught with 40 gold bars

  • Published at 07:18 pm April 30th, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:23 pm April 30th, 2017
Golden bums, now female, caught with 40 gold bars
Two women were detained at Dhaka airport on Saturday morning for attempting to smuggle in 40 gold bars, weighing 4.665kg and worth Tk2.4 crore, in their anal cavities. According to Customs Intelligence officials, the two women, Jesmin Akhter, 35, and Parveen Akhter, 25, were passengers on a Regent Airways flight traveling the Muscat-Chittagong-Dhaka route. Customs Intelligence Assistant Revenue Officer Enamul Haque told the Dhaka Tribune: “The women had taped 4 gold bars together with black tape and made ten packages, which they then divided among themselves and inserted five packages each into their rectums. So each woman was carrying 20 gold bars.” [arve url="https://www.facebook.com/customs.intelligence.bd/videos/1398243386930708/"/] Working off of an anonymous tip, customs officials were on the lookout for suspicious passengers when they noticed the two burqa-clad women. When officials questioned Jesmin and Parveen, they had initially denied the allegation that they were smuggling gold, but when pressed, they confessed. When interrogated, Jesmin claimed she was an RMG worker from Kathgarh, Chittagong and Parveen said she was an employee at a beauty parlour in the Madarbari area of Chittagong.
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They also said a man named Jalal had given them the gold bars at the Chittagong airport and they been instructed to place the bars inside their anal passages before boarding the plane to Dhaka. According to the detained women, it was the first time they had attempted to smuggle gold bars. Customs Intelligence Director General Moinul Khan said action would be taken against the two women.