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The case of the missing five-year-old

  • Published at 11:01 pm February 2nd, 2017
  • Last updated at 09:39 am February 3rd, 2017
The case of the missing five-year-old

These children are very articulate and seem to have developed special bonds with the students.

Nargis and Hridi (not their real names), two five-year-old girls had approached a few students around December last year with a shocking story.

A five-year-old girl was allegedly picked up and raped by a group of local young boys at night.

She was taken to an alley around what was then DNCC market and raped. The two girls were not equipped with the right language to describe sexual harassment; they used the words “kharap kaaj" (dirty deeds).

The boys, some teens and one five-year old allegedly used a sack to cover the spot and took turns to rape the girl. The youngest boy in the group avoids the area after Nargis, Hridi and her friends spoke to the students regarding the incident.

This correspondent, after multiple attempts, was finally able to locate the children in mid-January.

Nargis disclosed that the victim did not live there anymore and her house had burnt down during the Korail slum fire on December 4, 2016. Hridi added that the victim and her sister were both orphans and had moved away after the fire.

They revealed that the victim's older sister was later informed of what had happened and that the youngest boy’s mother disregarded the whole incident.

One cannot ignore such details. We are just left wondering where the little girl is, what really happened to her and whether her sister was previously aware of her alleged rape? Either way, the victim was only a child who should ideally have been unaware of violence and suffering and one whose rights were not protected.