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Police claims to have solved Bangshal woman's murder case

  • Published at 07:02 pm January 8th, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:34 pm January 8th, 2017
Police claims to have solved Bangshal woman's murder case
The murder of Urmi – the victim – took place on November 5 last year. The arrestee was identified as Masud Rana, a madrasa student, Dhaka Metropolitan police (DMP) Joint Commissioner (DB) Abdul Baten said during a press briefing on Sunday. Baten said Masud Rana confessed to the killing of Urmi during primary interrogation. The accused told the police that Urmi was his aunt. He had gone to her place on November 5 to borrow an earring for his wife as his wife was going to attend a party. When he asked for the earring, Urmi refused. Masud did not relent, and kept on asking repeatedly, earning him a slap from Urmi. The blow infuriated Masud and he attacked Urmi. He stabbed her with a knife and slashed her throat open. The blood soaked Masud’s clothes, prompting him to change into his uncle’s clothing. Masud fled the scene soon after and dumped his bloodied clothes. He took shelter in a madrasa and had been in hiding for the past two months. Police had been looking for clues which recently appeared in the form of Urmi’s phone, which Masud had taken off with. Masud recently lost the phone in a gamble, which helped the police trace him. Police also recovered the phone and the murder weapon, Baten said.