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BSTI retest of substandard products nearly complete

  • Published at 02:47 pm June 11th, 2019
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A High Court bench ordered the 52 products be retested

The Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) has retested food products previously reported to be substandard, following a High Court bench order to do so.

BSTI legal representative Barrister Sarker MR Hassan told Dhaka Tribune samples of 52 products have been retested and their results are ready. One or two more products will be retested today, he added.

He said: “I do not know if the products have passed the quality tests. The test report has to be submitted to the court. The hearing is on June 16.”

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When asked how the samples were collected, Barrister Hassan replied: "Under the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution Act, 2018, the BSTI can collect samples from the factory if the manufacturing licence has been suspended. However, the manufacturers can also voluntarily offer the products of their own volition."

Barrister Hassan said the companies whose products were declared substandard had themselves appealed to BSTI for the retest.

Barrister Shihab Uddin Khan, who filed the writ petition, said he has not received a copy of the report yet; he was supposed to have it, in accordance with the law.

On May 23, a High Court bench ordered BSTI to retest 52 food products which were ordered removed from the market after a BSTI report said they were substandard.