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BSFIC chief engineer among four charged with corruption

  • Published at 07:28 pm March 22nd, 2018
BSFIC chief engineer among four charged with corruption
The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has accused four people of collusion and corruption in state-owned sugar mills. Ahsan Siddique, chief engineer for Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industry Corporation (BSFIC), Madhab Chandra Mondol, current general manager of Natore Sugar Mill and former general manager of Kushtia Sugar Mill, Abul Kashem, purveyor of machinery to Kushtia Sugar Mill, and Dilip Chandra Saha. ACC Kushtia Deputy Assistant Director Mostafizur Rahman filed a case against them on Wednesday. The case docket accuses Ahsan, who was formerly the managing director of Renwick Jajneswar & Co (BD) Ltd, of colluding with Madhab, Kashem and Dilip to misuse their positions of authority to defraud the government of Tk705,000 and an old air compressor.
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An initial ACC investigation affirmed the charges and prompted the case. Kushtia ACC Deputy Director Lutfar Rahman said: “The sugar mills of Bangladesh face impending destruction. There have been numerous allegations of rampant corruption. We are going to find out who else is involved and if there are other misappropriations. Everyone, will face the music eventually.” Almost all the state-owned sugar mills in Bangladesh have been reporting record losses for decades. They have sustained their operations thanks to massive government subsidies. In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, it cost the Kushtia Sugar Mill Tk325 to produce each kilo of sugar, to be sold at Tk60.