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Muhith: Reports on money laundering in Swiss banks are exaggerated

  • Published at 09:55 pm July 11th, 2017
Muhith: Reports on money laundering in Swiss banks are exaggerated
Finance Minister AMA Muhith has claimed that reports published by the local media on money laundering by Bangladeshi depositors in Swiss banks are exaggerated. The minister made the remark while providing his statement in parliament under section 300 of the rules of procedure of the House, following recent media reports that deposits by Bangladeshis in Swiss banks had increased significantly. The finance minister said: “Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) of Bangladesh Bank recently made an analysis report on deposits by Bangladeshis in Swiss Bank to launder money. The FIUs recently submitted the report to the finance ministry. All this talk about money being  laundered in Swiss banks is exaggerated. But I do not say there is no money laundered from Bangladesh there.”
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Muhith further claimed that the total wealth deposited in Swiss banks by Bangladeshis had decreased by 2% in 2016 as compared to 2015, with the number standing at Tk1,823 crore while liabilities stand at Tk5,560 crore. On Thursday, June 29, the Swiss National Bank published a series of annual reports which disclosed that there has been a 19% increase in deposits by Bangladeshis to the banks in the year since 2015. The total deposits by Bangladeshi citizens in various Swiss banks was listed at Tk5,566cr in 2016.