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Famers delighted with profitable guava cultivation in Ctg

  • Published at 10:02 pm September 1st, 2019
Guava farmers are waiting for selling the fruits in South Chittagong Roushan Hat Dhaka Tribune

The DAE is providing necessary support to the growers in the region in order to boost production of different varieties of fruits including guava

Farmers in the Kanchan Nagar village of the Kanchanabad union in Chandanaish upazila have earned a good name for growing delicious guavas. This particular variety produced here has less seeds, and is fleshier and sweeter than any other varieties produced in the district. 

The largest guava trading in South Chittagong takes place at Roushan Hat. Wholesalers also come to Bagicha Hat, Badamtoli and Dohazari of the Chandanaish upazila and Kamol Munshir Hat and Kharana bus stand of the Patiya upazila where growers come daily with baskets full of guava wrapped in red cloth.  

The guava farmers said traders come from the Chittagong city, Hathazari, Lohagara, Banshkhali, Cox's Bazar, Pekua, Noakhali, Comilla and other districts to purchase their guavas.

Guavas, locally known as "Banglar Apples", are cultivated in around 1,000 acres of hilly land in the two upazilas— Chandanaish and Patiya—in the southern part of the Chittagong district. There are about 700 to 800 small and big guava orchards in the hilly and plain lands of these two upazilas.

The fruits are sold in an unusual quantity here as they are not sold in dozens or kilograms but rather sold in "bhars" (a sack full of guavas) which ranges from Tk800 to Tk1600 depending on their size.

The growers said they have been continuing this cultivation as was done by their ancestors for generations.

Once filled with dense prickly bushes, many hill areas were cleaned and prepared for cultivation of fruits including guava. Farmers also cultivate mango, jackfruit, litchi, lemon and other fruits in the area.

"The traders buy guava orchards from us during the time of harvest from Srabon to Arshin. The price is fixed according to the size of the orchards," said Afjal Hossain, a local guava grower.

The officials of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) of Chittagong, said cultivation of guava and other fruits is on the rise in the region due to good profit because of virtue of the soil and the environment. 

The DAE is providing necessary support to the growers in the region in order to boost production of different varieties of fruits including guava.

"Bangladesh is the 8th largest guava producer worldwide. A good number of farmers of the region have changed their fortune by cultivating this delicious fruit in recent years," said Altaf Hossan, DAE additional director of Chittagong region.

Guava is the major source of vitamin C and Pectin. The fruit which is very delicious in taste reportedly help lower blood sugar levels, boost heart health, relieve painful symptoms of menstruation, benefit digestive system, aid weight loss, have an anticancer effect, boost immunity, and good for skin. However, nutrients contents depend on variety, season, and maturity. Guava can be eaten both as in green and ripe stages.

Fresh fruits are used in salads, puddings, Jams, jellies, juice, pickles, and ice cream through processing. Tea can also be made from guava leaves.