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Farmers thrive on bumper cultivation of peanut in Nilphamari

  • Published at 01:09 am June 3rd, 2019
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Niphamari farmers cultivate peanut this year instead of rice as the crop is commercially beneficial Dhaka Tribune

Many farmers in that region have been attracted towards cultivating peanut, and other crops instead of cultivating rice

Local farmers in Nilphamari are now leaning towards peanut cultivation. Due to cost of rice cultivation being more than cultivating peanut, farmers are more interested in peanut cultivation.

For many years the market price of rice has been in a volatile condition. As a result, farmers in Nilphamari felt discouraged to cultivate boro rice. Rather, they are now leaning towards peanut, and corn cultivation.

A farmer at Chikonmati village in Domar upazila of Nilphamari, Rashidul Islam, 45, said, during the current season, he cultivated peanut in a one bigha land. Within 15-20 days the crops could be taken home.

He also said, if cultivating rice, even the capital can hardly be recovered.

Many farmers in that region have been attracted towards cultivating peanut, and other crops instead of cultivating rice.

Farmers in different areas of Nilphamari gave attention to the cultivation of peanut and corn due to loss incurred in boro cultivation, because of natural disasters, and other reasons.

According to Department of Agriculture in Domar, the soil type of the region is sandy or loamy. As a result the land of the region is much favorable for peanut cultivation.

Another farmer of Domar, Abdul Aziz, 45, said, peanut cultivation is cheaper, and the market price of peanut is quite worthwhile. He has harvested peanut in five bighas of land this year, and hopes to be more successful in money-making over cultivating rice.

He further said, it costs about Tk8,000 to cultivate peanut in one bigha of land. About 8-9 mound of peanut are produced here, and profit of about Tk19,000 comes from per bigha of land.

District Agriculture Extension Department Officer, Jafar Iqbal said, for several years, the enthusiasm towards cultivating peanut has increased among the farmers in the region. 

Due to better profit and good harvest, peanut farmers are happy. As the soil condition of 

Domar is suitable for peanut cultivation, the best harvest happens in Domar.

Deputy Director of the District’s Agriculture Extension Department, Abul Kalam Azad said, peanut cultivation has been done on 1,112 hectares of land in the fiscal year of 2019-2020. Since the cultivation of peanut is more profitable than cultivation of other crops, the farmers have leaned towards peanut cultivation. It costs less to cultivate peanut, and it is available in the market throughout the year.

He said, at the field level, even the agriculture officials are training the farmers, and counselling them on peanut cultivation.