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Hybrid rice production sets new record in Habiganj

  • Published at 12:38 pm April 17th, 2019
Habiganj farmers are busy harvesting crops as the rice production sets new record this year Dhaka Tribune

Crop loss from flood risks has been mitigated

Avoiding flood risks, farmers in Habiganj have set new records in the production of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute’s (BRRI) hybrid rice 5 and 58.

The Habiganj Rice Research Institute took the initiative to plant these crops on an experimental basis and the success rate has now inspired several other farmers to cultivate it as well. 

Farmland at Gungiajuri haor of Habiganj is always vulnerable to flooding, which is why hundreds of farmers from Abdullahpur area of Sadar upazila went for this different approach. 

The production rate was higher and farmers were able to harvest beforehand in comparison to regular crops.

Local union parishad member Shrikanto Das said: “There is massive production compared to previous years and crops, too are safe from floods now. This success has inspired many other farmers to cultivate these crops.”

Farmer Salim Ullah said: “Last year I cultivated 80 maunds of paddy on 42,768 square feet of land, this year almost 100 maunds of paddy were produced on the same land.

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“Regular crops have not yet fully grown whereas the hybrid 58 rice is already harvested,” he added.  

Another farmer Rahim Mia added: “The first cultivation of hybrid rice 5 and 58 has shown a huge success rate and from the next time, more of these crops will be produced.”

Dr. Rafiqul Islam, senior scientist of Habiganj Rice Research Institute said: “When hybrid rice 5 is cultivated in flood risk areas, production rates are expected to double.”

Planning Officer of this project and also the Chief Executive of local NGO ASED Jafar Iqbal Chowdhury said: “The high production rate of the hybrid crops has inspired farmers to produce more and the beneficial part is these crops are ready for harvest a week before other crops.”

Chief Scientist of Gazipur Rice Research Institute Dr Rumana Yeasmin came to visit the fields and said: “These hybrid crops were invented for flood risk areas and they have show great results. 

“Farmers are really satisfied with this high production rate,” she added.