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Farmers rave at success of ‘yellow traps’ in Narsingdi

Farmers rave at success of ‘yellow traps’ in Narsingdi
Yellow traps, an innovative new form of pest control, in use at a field in NarsingdiDhaka Tribune

'The yellow trap technology is easy-to-use and effective'

A newly invented form of pest control known as the “yellow trap” is rapidly gaining popularity among farmers in Narsingdi.

The trap, which consists of a special adhesive on a yellow material, has proved effective in catching insects at cornfields and reduced the cost of pesticides for farmers.

According to local farmers and officials of the Department of Agricultural Extension, the yellow trap is being utilized in various areas of Narsingdi, and many farmers have given up on the use of pesticides altogether due to the effectiveness of the traps.

Local farmers said the yellow traps cost between Tk7,000 and Tk8,000 for each hectare of land, while insecticides for the same area would cost between Tk30,000 and Tk40,000.

In addition to reducing production cost, the farmers added that the demand for pesticide free vegetables made the yellow traps even more profitable.

Farmers have said that the yellow traps prove effective in situations where even pesticides fail Dhaka Tribune

The success of a pilot project for the traps on a 10-acre piece of land cultivating bitter melon in the district’s Alokbati area this season served to popularize their use, the farmers said.

Md Ali Mia, a farmer in Alokbati union, said: “Sometimes, even pesticides fail to prevent harmful insects from damaging our vegetables. The yellow trap technology is easy-to-use and effective. This is helping us to minimize cost.”

Meanwhile, Siraj Mia, a farmer of Shilmandi village in Sadar upazila, said: “I kept my kidney bean farm almost insect-free by using the yellow traps. Now I am making a profit from my business as the traps do not require extra cost and the market has a demand for my kidney beans.”

Alokbali union Sub-Assistant Agriculture Officer Md Ibrahim Mia told the Dhaka Tribune: “The agriculture department has distributed yellow traps for free among the farmers, to incentivize use of the technology. Farmers were successful in the pilot project. Now, more farmers are interested in using the technology.”

Narsingdi Department of Agricultural Extension Deputy Director Md Lotafot Hossain said: “Initialy, we used yellow traps on 1,000 hectares land. The department is working hard to promote the technology among farmers.”

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