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Speakers: Youth policy needs moral education focus

Policy also needs to be action oriented for effective implementation

Update : 03 Oct 2020, 07:41 PM

Policymakers in Bangladesh need to focus on the moral education and development of youth in action oriented policies, said speakers at a virtual discussion.

Dhrubotara Youth Development Foundation (DYDF) and ActionAid Bangladesh jointly organized the dialogue with policymakers titled “Implementing National Youth Policy 2017: Concerns of diverse youth people to address,” on Saturday. 

Asaduzzaman Noor, MP, and former cultural affairs minister, said it is alarming that the youth are engaged in serious criminal offences such as murder and rape when they are supposed to be productive, positive, and working towards building a better future. 

Referring to the murder of a girl in Savar by a stalker, and the Sylhet MS College gang rape incident, he said: “Enacting strict laws is not enough. If we cannot work on the moral development of young people in Bangladesh, policies will fail.” 

He also said young people are not the only ones responsible for our advancement, and that a huge responsibility falls on the shoulders of politicians, teachers, and leaders as well.  

“Our education system is a glaring example of discrimination. Children studying at a school in a remote village do not get the same opportunities as children studying at a good English medium school in a city. The discrimination starts from there,” he added. 

Asaduzzaman Noor said good schools and family privilege do not guarantee that a young person will be morally sound. “For example the Holey Artisan Bakery attackers were mostly from good educational institutes and well off families.”  

Jasod General Secretary Shirin Akhter said youth in Bangladesh are too focused on excelling in examinations, when they should be fighting corruption, inequity, and discrimination alongside their formal education. 

Aroma Dutta, MP, member of the Standing Committee on the Ministry of Social Welfare, said every policy regarding youth should be action oriented so that it can be implemented effectively. 

She also said it is high time to pass on the baton to young people and it is their time to shine. 

She recommended creating a platform made of all youth organizations, so that youth development workers get a platform to implement the National Youth Policy.  

Nazmul Ahsan, manager of Action for Impact, ActionAid Bangladesh, said: “We always talk about how youth in this society are going astray, but we need to focus on correcting the society these young people are learning from.” 

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