The diverse collaboration of religion, culture, and tradition

Durga Puja celebration is incomplete without spending time with friends and family

Ethnic diversity and religious festivities have historically bonded the people of Bangladesh with happiness and joy. Following these diversified cross-cultural festivities, Durga Puja, the Bengali Hindu community's biggest festival, is also on track this year. This festival is a celebration where people of different classes, cast, and even religion join together in harmony. For the people of Bangladesh, Durga Puja is not just a religious festival; it's a time of reunion, renewal, and celebration of traditional customs and cultures.

Durga Puja celebration is incomplete without spending time with friends and family. So many people travel back home during this religious festival. The commute can be made easier and one can also avoid congestion on the road by booking a flight.

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As Durga Puja goes into full swing with the final touches on idols and mandaps, cultural participation is at an all-time high, with people from all walks of life buying new traditional clothes.

They are a symbol of ancient cultures and traditions that have evolved over aeons. People love participating in these customs by wearing handloom sarees, kurtis, panjabis, and jewellery, honouring the long-standing traditions. ShareTrip regularly partners with famous brands in lifestyle and clothing, electronics, entertainment, etc, so that loyal customers can be a part of these festivities and enhance their cultural experiences.

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Cultural participation and understanding increase through events like Durga Puja; this is one of the reasons why Bangladesh's culture has remained so diverse and colourful. We don't have to travel to faraway lands to immerse ourselves in rich culture and heritage. TRAVEL NOW with ShareTrip to experience the rich traditions and customs that have been right here for centuries.

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