PM Hasina urges the affluent to stand by the poor amid soaring prices

The premier also urges the countrymen not to waste electricity and water as the country is in a crisis

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday urged the rich people and Awami League activists to help the poor people of the country who are suffering due to the price hike of necessary items.

She made the remarks in a discussion program arranged by Awami League in the afternoon. 

The premier said: “Food crisis is all around the world. This is why I am requesting wealthy people and my party workers to stand beside their nearby poor people.”

“Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, sanction and counter sanction, the fuel price was raised worldwide, which is also affecting the utility prices incredibly,” she added.

The prime minister mentioned that her government has decided to give Tk15 per kg of rice to five million people while 10 million will be able to purchase oil and pulse through family cards soon.

She also urged the countrymen not to waste electricity and water amid the global crisis.

“We have to ensure maximum output of agriculture lands to tackle the situation,” Hasina observed.