Road Safety Foundation: Road accidents increased by nearly 31% in July

Dhaka division sees highest 228 deaths in 199 accidents

Road Safety Foundation (RSF) in their recent report for July said 31% of road accidents have increased since last month.

On average, 17.46 people were killed in road accidents last June with an average of 15.56 accidents per day. 

Hence, road crashes increased by 30.97% and fatalities increased by 36.48% in July, according to the report.

It added that an average of 24 people were killed in road accidents every day in July. 

As many as 632 road accidents occurred in the country last July killing 739 and leaving 2,042 injured.

The deceased include 105 women and 109 children. The vast majority 79% (581) were aged between 18 and 65-year-olds.

Motorcycle crashes account for 47.15% of all accidents. As many as 251 people died in 298 motorcycle accidents, which is 34% of the total deaths.

Meanwhile, 118 pedestrians were killed in the accident, which is 16% of the total fatalities. 

Besides, 137 people, or 18.53% of vehicle drivers and assistants were killed in a month.

Division-wise statistics of accidents say that accidents in the Dhaka division are 31.48%, and fatalities stand at 30.85%. 

The highest number of 228 people were killed in 199 accidents in the Dhaka division.

As many as 29 people were killed and 58 injured in 41 accidents in the capital Dhaka.

On the other hand, Sylhet division had the least number of accidents, which counts to 31 and Barisal division had the least number of fatalities standing at 46.

The Road Safety Foundation prepared the report on the basis of data collected from national dailies, online and electronic media outlets.

Road Safety Foundation Executive Director Saidur Rahman confirmed that the number of road accidents was higher in July as compared to the previous month.

The report added that at least 41 people were killed and 33 others were injured in 26 railway accidents in the month. 

And 18 people died while seven went missing in 14 naval accidents.