Padma Bridge: 3.16C collected in tolls on Friday

As many as 26,398 vehicles have crossed the bridge

A total of Tk3,16,53,200 toll was collected on Friday from the Padma Bridge, which marked the highest amount of toll collection in a day since its inauguration last week.

Md Abul Hossain, executive engineer of Bangladesh Bridges Authority, said a total of 26,394 vehicles paid the toll while crossing the bridge on Friday.

“A total of 12,597 vehicles have crossed the bridge and paid toll of Tk1,51,11,100 at the Zajira end while Tk1,65,42,100 toll has been collected from 13,801 vehicles from the Mawa end,” he added.

Earlier on June 26, the bridge authority collected Tk2,09,40,300 toll from 51,316 vehicles from both sides on the first day when the bridge opened to traffic.