How motorcycles are crossing the Padma Bridge

The pickup vans carrying the motorbikes have to be completely covered

Motorcyclists can finally cross the Padma Bridge now that the bridge authorities have relented to pickup vans carrying the vehicles across. 

“The motorcycles on the pickup vans have to be completely covered for them to pass through,” Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA) Supervising Engineer Tofazzel Hossain told Dhaka Tribune

However, the owners of the motorcycles will not be allowed on the vehicles and have to take a separate transport, he added. 

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According to the BBA official, if the pickup vans carrying the bikes are completely covered, they will be considered as cargo vehicle and can pass through after paying the toll. 

However, motorcyclists complained that there remains a risk of the vehicles being stolen if the owners are not allowed on the vans.

According to them, they are having to count anywhere between Tk1,000 to Tk2,000 to cross the bridge from the Mawa end. 

From the Jazira end they are having to pay between Tk800 to Tk1,500.

A check-post has been set up around a kilometer away from the toll plaza to stop motorcycles from getting on the bridge. 

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC) Shimulia Ghat Manager Foisal Ahmed said that there have been no vehicles queuing to take ferries. 

“Some motorcycles left after waiting for a while for the ferries to take off,” he said.