Govt issues 6 directives to combat Covid surge

Covid-19 cases are increasing rapidly but people are reluctant to wear masks and abide by other health rules, says Cabinet Division

The Cabinet Division has written to all ministries and departments of the government to implement its six directives, issued in light of the recent surge in Covid-19 cases.

In its letter on Tuesday, the Cabinet Division said the number of Covid-19 cases was witnessing a rapid increase, and that the public was reluctant to wear masks and abide by other health rules.

The six directives to be followed are:

  • The media has to be requested to motivate the public to abide by hygiene rules.
  • “No mask, no service” policy has to be implemented. Social distancing has to be maintained and public gatherings have to be avoided.
  • Everyone has to wear masks and maintain social distancing at places of worship.
  • People have to be encouraged to get themselves tested for Covid-19 if they show any symptoms consistent with the disease.
  • Every person at shops, shopping malls, marketplaces and restaurants has to wear masks.
  • Violators of the mask rule have to be punished legally. Imams during Friday sermons have to raise awareness about wearing masks and complying with health rules.