Journalists attacked, ambulance vandalized amid clash between students, traders at New Market

Shop owners and workers claim the media are 'not reporting the truth’

Journalists from several national news outlets have been reportedly attacked by traders of New Market in the ongoing clash between them and Dhaka College students on Tuesday. 

Several journalists, reporters, and camera crew from Bangla Tribune, Deepto TV, and Daily Manab Zamin were attacked by shop workers, while covering the incident. 

Traders have alleged that the journalists were not reporting the “true facts about the clash”, according to media reports. 

Around 12pm, Deepto TV Reporter Asif Zaman Sumit was assaulted by some shopkeepers of New Market.

While trying to save Sumit, Shahed Shafiq, senior reporter of Bangla Tribune, Shuvro Dev of Manab Zamin and Kabir Hossain, a senior camera person of SATV, were also attacked.

Shahed Shafiq said: “We were covering the news from a distance when we saw Deepta TV reporter Sumit was being attacked. When we tried to save him, the New Market shopkeepers attacked us too.”

An ambulance with a patient inside was vandalized near the New Market foot-overbridge around 11:45am. Several people from either side were left injured in the skirmishes.

Police finally arrived at the spot around 12:50pm with an armoured vehicle and a water cannon to put an end to the violence, according to media reports.

Fresh clashes erupted between Dhaka College students and New Market traders on Tuesday morning following the confrontation in the wee hours of the day.

Witnesses have reported running battles between students and shopkeepers with crude bombs being exploded.

Around 10:30 am, students of the college came out on the streets to hold a human-chain protest against the alleged attack of traders on students. New Market shop workers gathered on the streets soon after.

According to students, traders attacked their procession with brickbats at the Nilkhet intersection, following which the two sides, armed with sticks, iron bars and brickbats clashed with each other.

But their presence drew shopkeepers onto the streets and the two sides, armed with staffs, rods and brickbats, squared off again.

Thousands of workers gathered on the road while Dhaka College students took up positions in front of the college gate and on the roofs of their residential halls.

The two sides hurled brickbats and fought running battles on the street with explosions being heard in the area from time to time.

Police arrived at the scene around 12:50 pm with an armoured vehicle and a water cannon to quell the violence.