First Mro language grammar book ‘Totong’ unveiled

Written form of Mro language varies from people to people due to not having hard-and-fast grammar rules

The first Mro language grammar book, ‘Totong’, of the Mro community in Bandarban has been unveiled ahead of International Mother Language Day.

Lengyang Mro, chief priest of Kramadharma, launched the book, written by Younguang Mro, at the author’s home in the Ujanipara area on Thursday. 

Mro singer Ngansing Mro, Mro language expert Renyang Mro and women's rights activist Tanpau Mro spoke at the event.

Younguang Mro said he wrote the book in the likeness of Bangla and English grammar.

He said Kramadi Menle developed the Mro alphabet in 1982, but no Mro grammar book had been written before this.

Language expert Renyang Mro said Mro people’s use of verbs and spellings differ due to the lack of a grammar book, making it hard to understand the written form.

“Younguang’s 'Totong' will address at least some of that,” Renyang hoped.