Trawlers ferrying passengers illegally from Daulatdia

Travelling on trawlers in Padma River is risky given the strong current 

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Travelers on Paturia-Daulatdia river route are crossing the Padma Riveron trawlers, risking their lives, as ferry movement on route is being disrupted due to foggy weather. 

Ferry movement on the route was suspended for 13 hours in the last two days and launch movement was suspended for six hours. 


Travelling on trawlers in Padma is risky given the strong current in the river and it gets even riskier during foggy weather. 


Ferry terminal sources told Dhaka Tribune that a large number of passengers were travelling on trawlers since the last couple of days and each were being charged Tk50 to 100 for travelling 2.5 kilometer distance. 

According to them, trawler owners were also carrying motorcycles on the route for Tk500 each despite the fact that they do not have the permission for rendering such services. 


Small trawlers on the river are ferrying 25 to 30 passengers while the large ones are carrying 70 to 80. Carrying passengers and vehicles in full capacity amid dense fog can cause the vessel to sink in mid river, many fears. 


 Anwar Hossain from Faridpur was travelling on one of the trawlers with his family. He told Dhaka Tribune that they were in a hurry to reach Dhaka and that they could not wait for the ferry service to resume. That is why despite life risk, they were travelling on the trawler. 

One trawler owner,  Bacchu Mia, admitted to Dhaka Tribune that they were rendering passengers a service that is illegal and that is too during foggy weather. 


Daulatdia river police official Syed Zakir Hossain said that they were telling trawler owners to stop ferrying passengers on the route. 

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