Report: Road crashes in Bangladesh claim 413 lives in November

As many as 413 lives were lost while 532 people were injured in 379 road accidents across the country in November last alone, according to a report. 

Besides, at least nine people were killed and five went missing in seven waterway accidents while 13 people were killed and two others were injured in 11 train accidents during the period. 

Road Safety Foundation (RSF), an organization that campaigns for safer roads, on Saturday came up with the data in a new report on road accidents in Bangladesh this year. 

The report was prepared based on accident news carried by seven national dailies, five online news portals and electronic media. 

As per the RSF report, 407 people were killed in 346 road accidents in October last. 

In November, motorcycle accidents turned out to be the deadliest one as those alone caused the death of 184 people, which is 44.55% of the total deaths. 

The total number of motorcycle accidents was 158 (41.68%) during the last month.

According to the RSF findings, at least 96 pedestrians (23.24%) were killed in road accidents. 

Some 53 drivers and their assistants (12.83%) were also subjected to road fatalities.

The Dhaka division witnessed the highest number of accidents with 104 deaths from 83 accidents while Barisal experienced the lowest number of accidents and casualties with 24 deaths from 22 accidents. 

As a single district, Chittagong witnessed the highest number of accidents with 29 deaths from 21 crashes. 

The RSF pointed out ten major reasons behind the increasing number of road accidents. 

They are using faulty vehicles, reckless driving, desperate attitude, incompetence and illnesses of drivers, unsettled wages and working hours, movement of low-speed vehicles on highways, reckless motorcycling by youths, the tendency of flouting traffic rules, poor traffic management, lack of efficiency of BRTA and extortion in the transport sector. 

The RSF urged the authorities concerned to take necessary initiatives to address the issues. 

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