MASUM: 3 Bangladeshi women arrested in India are trafficking victims

The women are trafficking victims but being treated like criminals, MASUM says

The West Bengal-based rights organization Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM) has demanded the immediate release of three Bangladeshi women illegally arrested under the Foreigners Act, 1946 in India.

The arrests violate Indian government guidelines that require an investigation to determine whether arrested foreign nationals are human trafficking victims, MASUM said in an email to India’s National Human Rights Commission.

“This complaint is similar in nature and in continuation with my several previous complaints before the Commission but till date no proper action has been taken by the commission on my earlier complaints,” the email signed by an official of the organisation said.

“With respect to our complaints, your Commission has asked for a police report and the police in a heartless and routine procedure have shared the reports with us, but these reports are inadequate and have not addressed the issue that we have been trying to raise,” the email added.

According to the MASUM fact-finding team, the women are Nasima Begum, 24, wife of Nur Islam Sikdar from Choto Benedpur, Sariatpur; Lima Sheikh, 29, daughter of Hasan Sheikh from Sadipore, Benapole; and Sriti Sarkar, 34, daughter of the late Ruhi Das Mondal from Bahadarpur, Jessore.

One child was also detained.

The Bangladeshi women came to India in search of jobs, MASUM said.

“Poor Bangladeshis are promised better job opportunities in India by the traffickers. I hope that the victims in these two cases will be provided with adequate legal support and the Commission shall consider the following demands of justice for the victims,” the email added.

MASUM called for all charges against the women to be dropped.

Nasima Begum was arrested by BSF in connection with a case filed with Bagdah police station dated September 1. The other three women and the child were apprehended by BSF in connection with a case filed with Swarupnagar police station dated September 30

All the women are being kept at correctional homes.

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