Health Minister: 120 million Covid vaccine doses will be administered by January

Bangladesh will administer at least 120 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines by next January, Health Minister Zahid Maleque has said.

The minister said: "There is no shortage of vaccines in the country. There are over one crore vaccines in stock. All the people of the country can be vaccinated as per the instructions of the prime minister."

He made the remarks while inaugurating DBL Pharmaceuticals at Gazipur on Sunday.

Maleque said the government has bought 210 million doses of the vaccines. From there, at least 30 million doses of vaccine will arrive this month. The same number of doses is also expected next month.

At least 70 million doses have already been administered. If this continues, it will be possible to administer at least 120 million doses of vaccine by January next year. "If that is done, it will be possible to reduce the death rate from Covid-19 to zero," said the minister.

He also claimed there has been no shortage of medicines throughout the Covid-19 pandemic across the country. These medicines were also sufficiently available at the village level.

Bangladesh also exports medicines after meeting 98% of the domestic demand, the minister added.

"Pharmaceuticals are going to be one of the biggest sources of foreign exchange in the country, after the RMG sector. However, we are going to form a new drug policy to ensure that there are no adulterated drugs in the country," he said.

He further said no one will be able to increase the drug price in the country's market unnecessarily because of the new policy.

The minister also visited different parts of the drug company at the inaugural event accompanied by MP Md Habibe Millat, Directorate General of Drug Administrationand chief Maj Gen Md Mahbubur Rahman, and DBL Pharmaceuticals Chairman Abdul Wahed.

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