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Where can you shop during the shutdown?

  • Published at 11:06 pm March 25th, 2020
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We are reminded that people do not indulge in panic shopping, which might lead to a supply shortage much like India

All the shopping malls closed their operations yesterday, but the demand for groceries will continue even during the shutdown being enforced till April 4.

During this shutdown period, it will be the supermarkets where you can get any essential commodities ranging from vegetables to dairy and other essential items under a single umbrella.

And retail workers are the unsung heroes who will continue to provide you with the necessary goods without thinking about their own safety.

Amid the crisis, supermarkets using their own supply chains have already gathered enough supplies to serve people and will be able to collect commodities from farmers in the coming days, as there is no ban on transportation of commodities.

Bangladesh Supermarket Owners Association (BSOA) General Secretary Zakir Hossain told Dhaka Tribune that supershops will continue their services during the shutdown period using their supply chains.

Management at various supershops said people are mostly buying rice, pulses, oil, salt, sugar, flour, fish, meat and biscuits in huge quantities while hand sanitizers are almost out of stock. The demand for hand wash and soap is also high, they said.

We are reminded that people do not indulge in panic shopping, which might lead to a supply shortage much like India. 

On visits to various supermarkets, Dhaka Tribune correspondents found enough commodities in stock, even with the high spike in demand for essentials over the last few days, following the coronavirus infection spread in Bangladesh.

Md Zakaria, supervisor of Daily Super Shop (DSS) in Mirpur’s Shewrapara in Dhaka, said they do have enough supplies to serve the people.

Al Amin, in charge of the Shwapno outlet at Shamim Sarani of Mirpur said if people find it difficult to visit their outlet, they can contact the supershop by phone and get the products at their doorstep. They can pay the bill through the mobile banking system.

Navid Hasan, a customer of Meena Bazar said : “Supermarkets are less crowded compared to the traditional kitchen markets. It is comfortable to buy from supermarkets as they are more hygienic too.”

“We have sufficient stock of necessary commodities as well as other products to meet customer demand. Hopefully, we will not face any shortage of supplies,” BSOA general secretary Zakir hossain said.

“We are maintaining communication with different departments of the government so that we can continue our service as well as import products from outside the country,” he said. 

The supermarket industry came into being in 2000 in Bangladesh and has become popular among middle and upper class people because it has made shopping more comfortable.

The first Covid-19 patients in Bangladesh were identified on March 8. Till now Bangladesh has recorded five deaths and 39 infections from Covid-19, a pandemic announced by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The fast spreading coronavirus, which was first reported in China's Wuhan, has claimed more than 18,900 lives and infected over 425,300 people across the world till date, according to Worldometer.