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Dhaka Tribune’s top 10 most read editorials of 2019

  • Published at 07:01 pm January 5th, 2020

Here are the top 10 most read editorials of Dhaka Tribune in 2019

1. Arundhati Roy should have known better

“While we can understand Roy’s desire to condemn India's actions and policies with respect to Kashmir, defending Pakistan through false examples is not the way to present her argument...”

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2. A city under water


“Even though we hear assurances from the authorities that the problem is being dealt with, the truth is, there is no realistic sign that the situation is getting any better, and one look at our roads makes that clear...”

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 3. Made in Bangladesh

“This has not come about overnight, and has required the government and the Bangladeshi people to put in the effort and nurture the image of Bangladesh as a manufacturing destination...”

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4. The importance of boosting remittance

“As such, there is no way to underestimate the importance of remittance earnings in the growth of the Bangladeshi economy...”

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5. Defying all logic

“All it accomplishes is to deny eligible students the opportunity to study in universities and programs of their choice even when they may have both the academic qualification and financial means...”

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6. Tigers under threat

“These numbers only tell part of the story: Experts say that 80% of poaching remains unreported, which hints at a problem that is far larger than we can imagine...”

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7. A new year, a new slate

“But despite our unity and all the progress we have made as a people, there are still those among us who try to fuel the fires of communalism in an effort to divide us, and destabilize our country...”

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8.  Mobile banking is the way forward

“It is clear that mobile financial services are the path to financial inclusion...”

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9. The end of impunity

“The PM has made clear that she intends to see this drive through to the end and that there will be severe consequences for criminality, regardless of the connections of the perpetrator...”

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10. A new law is not enough


“The root of the problem seems to the Bangladesh Road and Transport Authority, which has failed to successfully draft a guideline with which authorities will be able to implement the law to begin with...”

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