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IOM's Tuesday election for deputy DG Wednesday

  • Published at 11:45 pm June 25th, 2019
International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Lone candidate Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque needs two-thirds majority to win

The wait for the lone candidate, Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque, to become the deputy director general of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), or face fresh elections, has lingered by a day.

It was decided on Monday that Tuesday's election will be held on Wednesday.

The foreign secretary will have to secure two-thirds of the votes on Tuesday in Geneva to become the deputy director general of IOM. If he fails to do so, the whole election process will have to start again.

“There was no election today [Tuesday]. The election will now be held tomorrow [Wednesday],” Foreign Secretary Shahidul told Dhaka Tribune from Geneva.

When asked why the polls were not held Tuesday, he said: “No reason was shown.”

“Let’s wait and see,” he added, when asked how confident he was of securing two-thirds majority to be the DDG of the IOM, the United Nations migration agency.

In the fifth round of the election on June 21, the foreign secretary secured 75 votes, while his Sudanese rival got the support of 73 countries of the 148 votes cast. Two member states abstained. There are 173 members of the IOM that deal with migration issues in the world.

All the five rounds were held on June 21.

In accordance with IOM rules, Shahidul was declared the lone contender when he received a simple majority vote.

The legal body of IOM decided to hold a yes or no vote, which means if Shahidul can secure two-thirds of the votes, which would be 97 or 98 in number, he will become the deputy director general. 

However, this was opposed by his rival from Sudan, prompting the legal body to suspend the polls on Tuesday. Usually, after the fifth round, candidates getting fewer votes withdraw from contests.

In this election, four candidates – from Afghanistan, Jordan, the Philippines, and Sudan -- were contesting for the post of DDG.

In the first round the foreign secretary came second behind the Sudanese candidate, with the scenario remaining the same till the fourth round.

Then Jordan and the Philippines withdrew from the race early, and Afghanistan left after the fourth round, leaving the fight to Bangladesh and Sudan.