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Refunds, reserve days, super over and other rules in WC 2019

  • Published at 07:33 pm June 11th, 2019
A Bangladesh fan in cheerful mood in Bristol Tuesday, despite the inclement weather Dhaka Tribune/Md Manik from Bristol

The owner of the ticket may claim a refund of the original price of that ticket (excluding fees) subject to there being

Bangladesh fans became frustrated as their match against Sri Lanka at Bristol on Tuesday was abandoned due to rain and the teams will share one point each. The English weather may interrupt many more forthcoming matches in the ongoing World Cup. Dhaka Tribune has compiled the rules of ICC regarding the interrupted and abandoned match.

Fans get refund in case of an abandoned match

If play is restricted or does not take place at the predetermined venue on the day for which a ticket is valid including reserve days, the owner of the ticket may claim a refund of the original price of that ticket (excluding fees) subject to there being: (a) 15 overs or less played because of adverse weather conditions - a full refund; (b) 15.1 overs to 29.5 overs because of adverse weather conditions - a 50% refund

Reserve days

The 10-nation tournament will use the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DL) method and during the group stage, results will be determined on the day. All knockout matches have reserve days allocated. In the knock-out phase of the tournament, the game is to resume on the next day from the point where it was interrupted.

Point table tie breakers

If two or more teams are equal on points at the end of the league phase, the tie will be broken by the following: first, the team with the most wins; the team with the best net run rate and lastly, head-to-head results if the first two methods are not enough to resolve the tie. And in case the above-mentioned methods fail, it will revert to the teams’ seedings before the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019


As per the tournament seedings policy, South Africa, England, India and Australia are to move into the semi-finals of the tournament. The ICC took the rankings of the top eight teams long ago when the road to the World Cup first began in order to determine the top four teams of the seedings. 

Super overs

The facility is only available in the knockout games such as semi-finals and the final. If the scores are tied, the game will move into a Super Over. If conditions prevent a Super Over from being completed (including on the reserve day) in the semi-final, the higher-ranked team will go through to the final. If there's a tie in the final and there's no way to complete a Super Over, then the tournament will have joint winners.

In case of a tied score in the Super Over, the team that scored more boundaries (fours and sixes combined) in the match, wins.


The Decision Review System is in use for this year’s World Cup and the regulations are similar to that of regular ODIs: one each per team, per innings. An unsuccessful review causes the team to lose it, but if their challenge is successful, they keep the review. If the verdict is 'umpire's call,' the review will be retained.