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From government care to public university

  • Published at 12:15 am April 24th, 2019
Yasin Howlader
Yasin Howlader Courtesy

Yasin has come far, he just needs one final push to make it through

Lucky Begum did not feel she was all that lucky when her husband – the father of their three children – developed mental health conditions.

She was working as a domestic help to provide for three meals a day, and hoped to educate at least one of ther children.

Her husband’s medical costs, compounded with the debts they had piled up, forced a new reckoning upon her. Educating her children would not be feasible. They would have to be sent to work as soon as they were able.

A silver lining appeared in the form of their landlord, a police officer. He had taken a shine to Lucky’s eldest son Yasin Howlader, who was very much taken with studies. The police officer took Yasin to Jhalokathi Sarkari Shishu Paribar in 2004, which provided him with shelter, food and got him enrolled at a local primary school. 

Yasin went all the way from primary school to college with excellent results and found himself admitted to Jagannath University’s Department of Management Studies to make his mother’s dreams come true.

“My journey was not easy. I was at the Shishu Paribar from 2004 to 2018. The government bears all expenses there but I had to work in order to facilitate my studies,” said Yasin.

He discovered an advanced understanding of the curriculum and the ability to explain things to others.

“So when I was in the seventh grade, I began teaching some six graders at their homes.”

He earned a decent sum of money teaching, most of which he spent marrying off his sister. 

But things grew complicated when he was admitted to Jagannath University. Without accommodation, without a source of income, Yasin found himself in dire straits. 

Again, he found a glimmer of hope in a madrasa in Jatrabari. The madrasa offered him room, in exchange for teaching the students.

Between teaching and commuting, he finds very little time to study, and even less time to look for a better option.

Yasin is reluctant to go back home after how far he has come. He wants to finish his studies and make a name for himself. But in order to do that, he understands that society will have to help him in however way possible..

If anyone is interested to help Yasin, he can be contacted at 01616373750 and 01796373750.