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Meet the first Bangladeshi NYPD captain

  • Published at 10:57 am December 24th, 2018
web-First Bangladeshi NYPD captain
Captain Khandakar Abdullah Official Facebook psge of NYPD

Khandakar Abdullah is the first Bangladeshi captain in the New York Police Department

Khandakar Abdullah has become the first Bangladeshi to be promoted to the post of captain in the New York Police Department (NYPD). 

The NYPD posted a status on its official Facebook page Saturday, congratulating Khandakar. 

“Congratulations to newly promoted Captain Khandakar Abdullah. He is the first Bengali uniform member of the NYPD to attain the rank of captain,” the NYPD said.

Time Television, ¬a community channel of Bangladeshis in USA, posted a video of Khandakar collecting a certificate from the NYPD.

“I am proud to be Bangladeshi. I am proud to be first Bangladeshi-American captain,” Khandakar said while talking to the media.