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BNP: AL trying to keep opposition parties away from election

  • Published at 03:44 pm November 15th, 2018
BNP leaders at a discussion marking the 42nd anniversary of the death of veteran politician Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani—held at National Press Club, in Dhaka on November 15, 2018 Rafikul Islam/Dhaka Tribune

They also claim BNP activists were targeted first in Wednesday's clash

The Awami League government has been trying to keep opposition parties out of the national election-- and for that reason they are concocting various conspiracies, BNP leaders allege.

BNP Vice Chairman Shamsuzzaman Dudu said: “When BNP supporters gathered at their main office, police and some individuals attacked them. Police are also filing various cases against opposition party leaders and activists.”

Shamsuzzaman was a special guest at a discussion marking the 42nd anniversary of the death of veteran politician Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani--held at National Press Club, in Dhaka, on Thursday.

“Bhashani was a legendary politician and dreamer of independent Bangladesh.  He was the founder of Awami Muslim League, which later became Awami League in 1955. Bhashani led different movements against the oppression of Pakistani rulers; he played a significant role in the 1969 mass upsurge and contributed to the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. But the present Awami League government removed his name from curricular text books,” he said at the memorial.

BNP Vice Chairman, Abdullah Al Noman said: “We urge the government to ensure a level-playing field, resulting in a participatory election.”

He stated that they have become united which has changed the current political scenario of the country and believes if a fair election takes place, then all political frustrations would end.

Noman urged the government to release Khaleda Zia, inquiring about how the election can be held without the participation of the thrice-elected former prime minister. He also said they will participate in the election by overcoming barriers imposed upon them.

Another BNP Vice Chairman Habibur Rahman Habib said BNP activists did not instigate Wednesday’s incident. He claimed Awami League wanted to keep BNP out of the election; therefore they were the ones who could have done it [the violence].

“Despite our Chairperson Khaleda Zia being in prison and our Acting Chairperson Tarique Rahman out of country, we decided to participate in the election. Why would we resort to violence now?  When Awami League saw that many BNP leaders were purchasing numerous nomination forms they were worried,” he further said.

Habibur Rahman further added: ”Bhashani was the founder president of Awami League but the party sadly forgot him”.  

The BNP leaders then praised Maulana Bhashani, popularly known as Majlum Jananeta, as a great man and said he was the first national leader for the country's freedom. Then they also offered a special prayer for Bhashani.