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Study: Internet users in Bangladesh have increased 800x since 2000

  • Published at 12:23 pm October 23rd, 2018
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Internet usage grown in Asia Photo Courtesy of Internet World Stats

The number of internet users increased from 100,000 to 80 million in Bangladesh over the last 18 years

We live in a digital era where the internet is easily accessible in many countries. Additionally, internet usage has increased drastically across Asia—especially in China, India, and Indonesia.

Asia has shown impressive growth trends in the last ten years, according to recent data released by Internet World Stats. 

Internet World Stats is a website that publishes internet usage statistics, e-commerce market research, inbound marketing news, travel statistics, and world telecommunications information for over 243 countries.

China holds the top position in Asia in terms of easing internet accessibility for the public. In China, internet penetration has jumped from 22 million to 772 million in the last decade. 

Over the last two decades, internet usage in Bangladesh has grown exponentially. In 2017, 80 million people had access to the internet in Bangladesh. While in 2000, the internet was only available to 100,000 people.

According to the BTRC, there are well over 90 million internet users in Bangladesh as of July 2018.

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In India, internet penetration, in the last ten years, has jumped from five million to 462 million by 2017. 

Around the same time, Pakistan had 44 million internet users. 

Malaysia, Nepal, and Myanmar have 25 million, 18 million, and 16 million internet users respectively.

Although, the number of internet users has increased in South Asia, there are many challenges that must be overcome, in terms of infrastructure, affordable devices, data plans, and digital literacy. The level of connectivity must also be improved.