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'Conspiracies are being hatched to politicize student movement'

  • Published at 03:23 pm August 4th, 2018
DMP chief
File photo of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia

The DMP commissioner made the comments while addressing a press briefing at DMP media centre in Dhaka Saturday

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia said their intelligence unit has evidence about a vested quarter that is hatching conspiracies to divert the ongoing student’s movement to fulfill their agendas.

From intelligence and social media reports, police have identified calculated moves, which might divert the ongoing student protest, the commissioner said. "We are worried about the safety of the students," he said.

"Those moves [conspiracies] will politicize the movement," the commissioner added, while addressing a press briefing at DMP Media Centre in Dhaka on Saturday.

Infiltrators have already got involved in the movement in the guise of students, and are attempting to create violence, he said.

One of the indicators of this is how the production and sale of school dresses rose significantly in the last few days, the commissioner said.

He said a third party is trying to promote their propaganda by highlighting the police in a negative role. 

"Provocative speeches have been circulated in social media, while placards featuring dirty language against police have been used in the movement," the commissioner pointed out.

The DMP chief also said images of political violence from 2012-13 had been used to falsely represent police attack on students. 

The police have played a silent role since July 29, even though attacks have been carried out against them in different police establishments including the Rajarbagh, Mirpur and Kafrul police lines. 

At least three police officers were injured. They are currently undergoing treatment in hospitals, the commissioner said.

"A vested quarter is trying to provoke police so they would be forced to beat up students," Asaduzzaman said. "But they held on to their patience, and will continue to do so."

The commissioner advised the students to go back home, as the ongoing protest is causing common people to suffer.

"Town services were stopped, as well as highway services," he said. "Patients could not go to hospitals, and hajj pilgrims faced hurdles."

The DMP chief said commodity prices rose as products could not enter Dhaka. "This mismanagement cannot continue for long," he said.

He thanked the students and said it was high time for them to go back to school.

He also asked guardians and teachers to get the students off the streets.