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Student protests across the capital

  • Published at 12:21 pm August 2nd, 2018
Students demanding justice
Students demanding justice | Screenshot from Facebook

Students take the streets, protesting against reckless drivers and demanding justice

Student agitation on road safety has spread all over the capital, with youths from more schools, colleges and universities joining in.

Following  the death of two students on Dhaka's Airport Road on Sunday, hundreds of students from different schools and colleges have been demonstrating at different points of the capital demanding road safety.

Students demanded punishment for the drivers of the buses responsible for the death of the two students of Shaheed Ramiz Uddin Cantonment College.

Others demanded that Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan resign and apologize for his remarks on the incident.

The government announced on Wednesday that all educational institutions across the country would be closed today, amid the raging protests.

Aside from taking the streets, people are also showing support for the protests on social media, posting on Facebook and demanding justice and safe roads.

    School students of all ages take part in the protest | Screenshot from Facebook 

Students from the protest surrounds a police truck | Screenshot from Facebook                                                           

School students talking to passengers on a bus during the protest | Screenshot from Facebook