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Separate allocations sought for special needs schools in next budget

  • Published at 08:14 pm May 24th, 2018
  • Last updated at 08:35 pm May 24th, 2018
National Children's Task Force representatives during their press conference at the National Press club in Dhaka on Thursday, May 24, 2018 Dhaka Tribune

NCTF recommends setting aside maximum possible budget allocation for the education sector

The National Children's Task Force (NCTF), a platform for protecting child rights, urged the government to make special allocations in the upcoming national budget to ensure improvement of infrastructure in schools to help children with disabilities and arrange for midday meals for poor children, especially in the haor and char areas.

Representatives of the NCTF put forth the proposition at a press conference held at the National Press club in Dhaka on Thursday.

Safayet said: “We have discussed the matter with 4800 children from 64 districts across the country and specified some recommendations for the welfare of the students."

“We put these recommendations through to Finance Secretary Mohammad Muslim Chowdhury for inclusion in the upcoming budget,” he said.

The organization recommended that the maximum possible budget allocation be set aside for the education sector, with at least 20% of the total budget being the minimum.

They also said expert teachers should be recruited using the boosted budget to improve the quality of education in rural areas.

With the feedback from children in mind, NCTF brought forth some more ideas at the event that could be implemented with an increased budget, such as starting ICT projects to ensure the security of children in cyberspace, establishing government libraries in every school, providing midday meals for poor students, recruiting pediatricians at every health clinic, and increasing the number of doctors and teachers in haor and char areas.

The organization stressed that the government should ensure not only recruitment, but also the regular presence of teachers and doctors who perform their duties properly.

“Disabled students cannot play, and their presence at the playground is rare as they feel an inferiority complex and stay back,” said Ferdous Nayem, deputy speaker of the Child Parliament, a wing of NCTF.

NCTF also recommended the government ensure ample space for play, special toilets, and custom-made sports equipment for disabled students so they can play with other students. 

Another recommendation was to bring female students to equal prominence. It was suggested the government should support local clubs and organizations which are run by and empower female students.