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PM for Nuremberg trial system for war criminals

  • Published at 02:29 pm May 17th, 2018
  • Last updated at 03:33 pm May 17th, 2018
Sheikh Hasina
File photo of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Focus Bangla

She said this when party leaders greeted her on the occasion of the anniversary of her homecoming day at her official residence Ganobhaban in the morning

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has put emphasis on introducing a Nuremberg trial system in the country – a system in which there is no need for any witnesses against war criminals.
 "There is no need for any witness for trials of war criminals as there are documents stating the verity of the crimes. Justices in Nuremberg did not take any witnesses, and that trial worked for the criminals of World War II. We can take such steps in our country, too," she said.
Sheikh Hasina, also the chief of ruling party Awami League, said this when party leaders greeted her on the occasion of the anniversary of her homecoming day at her official residence Ganobhaban Thursday morning. She also explained how witnesses of war crimes are facing persecution, attacks, and torture, saying: "I have received complaints of many such incidents and taken steps to prevent them."
The prime minister said the attackers of witnesses will also be treated as war criminals. "They must face the same trial as war criminals. They must get capital punishment as well," she said.
Sheikh Hasina urged Awami League leaders and activists to look after witnesses of war crimes. "Make sure no one can torture them," she said.

After the country's independence, Hasina said, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman wanted to rebuild the country and he became engaged in massive development works.

She mentioned that the country's GDP was above 7% when the conspirators struck.

"That means Bangladesh would have stood up and gotten established as an independent country had there been no conspiracy. The conspirators wanted to turn Bangladesh into a failed state," she added.

Briefly describing the horrible days of the Zia regime, she said all the institutions of an independent country were destroyed. "They did not want Bangladesh to stand with its head held high as an independent country."

Hasina said this attitude persisted until 1996, when Awami League returned to power after 21 years.

Mentioning that the Awami League government was working hard to fulfil Bangabandhu’s desires to free Bangladesh from poverty and hunger, she said the soul of the Father of the Nation will find peace in this achievement. "There were repeated obstructions and obstacles. These will come, and we have to deal with them, as this is normal. 

“We have held trials for the killers, but the trial of the conspiracy has not taken place," she added.

Coming down heavily on a section of people who have reservations against Awami League rule, the prime minister said this quarter always prefers to lick the boots of any possible military junta. "They always cry about democracy when Awami League comes to power, but they love licking the boots of other powerful people. They like it when power grabbers sit on the throne."

Recalling the day when she was elected president of Awami League, Hasina said 37 long years have passed by with her being party chief. "I think it has been a long time, and I believe it is time the party starts thinking about a new leadership. I will always be there for the party and the country," she said.

She also mentioned that if the organization remains strong, united and in support of the people, it is not going to be a problem to achieve anything. "Awami League has proven this repeatedly," she said, citing examples from 1952, 1971, and other times.

Hasina asked all leaders and activists of the party to build themselves up with the ideals of Bangabandhu, who never did politics for his personal gain.